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Civil Litigation

Are you looking for a Los Angeles attorney who can represent your best interests in a civil litigation matter?
Rosenbaum & Associates offers comprehensive civil litigation representation. Learn about the firm’s practice areas and how Attorney Rosenbaum can assist you with a pressing civil matter.

Rosenbaum & Associates welcomes anyone in the greater Los Angeles area who has a non-criminal legal matter and seeks advice and legal representation from attorneys who understand the complexities of the matter.

How a Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney Can Help You

When you have been wronged, it is natural to want to seek redress through the legal system. You stand the best chance of obtaining the desired outcome when you have an attorney by your side. The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates can fight for your full rights under the law, discuss your case in clear language, advice you on the best possible outcome, and work tirelessly on your behalf from the outset of your case through the appeals process if it is necessary.

From preparing and filing the paperwork necessary to initiate a lawsuit to finding expert witnesses to corroborate your testimony, or coaching you for performance in a deposition or on the witness stand, the Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates will give your legal matter the personal attention you deserve. We can also negotiate with other parties on your behalf, saving you the stress of confronting the other party in your legal matter.

The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates bring passion, skill, intellect, and a strong work ethic to every case.  Our Senior Partner, Paul Rosenbaum, with over 23 years of legal experience, fully understands the law as it pertains to your case and can explain things to you so you know what to expect. Clients can rest assured that every civil matter will be handled with skill and compassion.

Would you like to discuss your civil matter with an attorney at Rosenbaum & Associates? Contact us to learn more about how our firm can assist you with your matter and schedule a complimentary new client consultation. Call 323-900-0500 today to get started.