Real Estate

Rosenbaum & Associates maintain a law office in downtown Los Angeles and offers comprehensive real estate services throughout Los Angeles County.  Rosenbaum & Associates welcomes anyone in the greater Los Angeles area who has a need for a commercial or residential real estate attorney. Attorney Paul Rosenbaum can assist clients with real estate closings, business transactions, commercial real estate transactions, investment properties, property tax exemptions and appeals, and litigation related to real estate concerns.

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Civil Litigation

With a law office in downtown Los Angeles, Rosenbaum & Associates provides comprehensive civil litigation services. Attorney Paul Rosenbaum is strongly committed to protecting his client's rights and works hard to provide winning results. We serve Los Angeles residents and can assist those in the surrounding communities with civil matters including business law, securities law, employment issues, licensing, investment, landlord/tenant, discrimination, debt settlement, personal injury, and more.

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